Papa Recipe Sheet Mask Reviews

Papa Recipe sheet masks are, on the whole, a delightful experience for me, with one or two slight exceptions. Let’s get to it!

My favorite sheet masks by the Papa Recipe brand, in order, are the

I love the above masks for the way they fit my face and cling to it’s umm, vast and voluptuous curves. These stay wet for a minimum of 40 minutes on me- longer if I do my complete kbeauty-based routine, and they never pill when I put on sunscreen afterward.  I have never broken out from any of the Papa Recipe masks, and they always leave me hydrated and happy.  These are the masks I use when I want to be sure that my many layers of skin care won’t react and ball up to make me look like I have an actual skin condition.

The Rose Gold Honey mask definitely looks the most Insta-worthy, it’s slightly pink with a shiny gold honeycomb  pattern on the front.  I find this mask a bit small for my face, but I freely admit that I’ve got a big head.  Those of you with normal-sized heads probably won’t notice a thing different with this one.

I like to use sheet masks at the very end of my routine, after my beloved Joseon Dynasty Cream. These masks smell sweet like honey (obviously) so, if you’re really sensitive to smells, you may want to pass on them.

Here is the slight exception for me-
I love the name of the mask, the packaging (that matte red-so eye-catching!) and the scent- ohmygod, like spicy, earthy, honey 😍 If they made body wash in this scent, I would be on the horn to Korean buying service Avecko so fast your head would spin!
However, the mask itself is made of traditional Korean Hanji paper that looks really interesting and beautiful, but the fit sucks.  I can’t get all that ginseng red honey oil goodness up in my face if it’s stuck on a somewhat stiff (heh) paper mask that won’t hug my face like a needy toddler.  I think that PR should change the mask material to make these beauties more effective and pleasant to use.
Ugh, now here is the difficult part.
I love honey, I love butter (lactose intolerance be damned!), but on me, this two-piece mask is an ill-fitting, greasy calamity, you guys.  It smells divine, like a tropical smoothie- the expensive kind with real fruit.  This mask is full of gorgeous butters (shea, mango, cocoa), and of course honey, propolis, and royal jelly.  What’s not to love, you ask?
The problems for me were with the fit of the mask, and the essence.

No matter what I did, I couldn’t get it to sit nicely on my face despite the fact that I had exactly ZERO drinks while masking.    The consistency that was more greasy than creamy, is a no-go for my oily, acne & PIH-prone skin and my emotional issues regarding it.

This mask left my skin much oilier than usual the next morning, but it didn’t break me out, which surprised me.  I’m still learning that the presence of emollients or occlusives don’t always equal Zit City for me.

However, I didn’t enjoy this mask because I was afraid it was going to lead to more acne, and although everything turned out okay, the fit of the mask and the oiliness of my skin the next morning are enough for me to take a hard pass on this one variety in general.

That being said, I could see myself using this particular mask if I over exfoliated (which I DID, last week, but that’s for another post, friends) and  desperately needed mega moisture to counteract the effects of a peel that does not mess around, or if it was the dead of winter in the Canadian prairies and I hadn’t been moisturizing adequately.

Despite my personal opinion on this particular mask, I am sure that individuals with dry skin or a compromised moisture barrier will probably appreciate it, so if you fit in either of those categories, please give this mask a try, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed like I was, because your skin has different needs than mine, of course.

Papa Recipe Sheet Mask Giveaway CLOSED

Now let’s get down to business- do you want to win a complete set of Papa Recipe masks that includes one of each variety?  Yes you do, so you can try these and find out for yourself if they’re as enjoyable as I’d have you believe!  Or so that you can tell me I’m way off on the Honey Butter Mask? Either way, entry rules are below!

Please follow me on Instagram @kbeautysavedmyskin and comment on my giveaway pic, I want to know how and why you got into abeauty 💖 Then repost the giveaway entry pic with the hashtag #kbeautysavedmyskingiveaway

I’ll also be throwing in one each of the Papa Recipe Two- Step Cleansing mask and the Sparkling Buble Toc mask, as well as some other lovelies from my stash!

Your account must be public, no giveaway accounts (if your account features a great deal of giveaway reposts, that’d be you), and no weirdness when the giveaway is closed and I’m busy trying to figure out who the winner is during a very important holiday weekend up here in Canada.

Giveaway is international (wherever Canada Post will ship to- don’t get me started on the fact that I can no longer order from Jolse because of them) and closes on June 30, 2017.  I will pick a winner early in the week of July 3, 2017.  These dates are based on my location, so if you are not from Canada, enter early so you don’t miss out for some weird time zone reason.

Easy-peasey! Good luck, friends!

This giveaway is not affiliated or sponsored by any company or social media platform.  I purchased these masks online using my own money, and in some cases, with the help of a buying service because I’m extra like that.